KJ Warriors' Sound

Music Makes Recognition. This Brand has been powered by Junya Komori.


KJ Warriors' Sound is the Solo Project established by Junya Komori.
This project has the functions such as label,
brand and solo production.

My name is Junya Komori and a music composer from Japan.
Prefering that making various kinds in musical works.
Espicially, cinematic sound has fascinated me.
However, I'm blending various elements to cinematic audioworks.

I have sometimes played multiple musical instruments
for to record originalities to introduce his own processes.

Also, the music videos have usualy been edited by his self-editing.

My purpose is to make the audioworks
which has kept the uniques and diversity in the industry.

I always appreciate the people 
who are to have the curious and be dreaming.
Because, part of the people have the possibility that 
encountering in several opportunities with me, thanks.


And more works will be found in other places!